Anita Ekman

Anita Ekman was born in the Atlantic Forest (São Paulo, 1985). Ekman is a visual and performance artist, curator and independent researcher of rock art, pre-colonial art and History of Forests. Her works were exhibited in museums such as MoMA and Peabody Museum of Harvard.
Currently Anita Ekman is curating various international projects with Sandra Benites.

Ekman’s collaborative performance works on archaeological sites and archaeological museum collections address the role of women in art and history and propose the expansion of the conceptual horizon of the Atlantic world. Developing a series of photographs and videos based on the performances, Anita and her collaborators such as Sandra Benites (Guarani Nhandeva, anthropologist and curator) discuss the protagonism of indigenous peoples allied to the African Diaspora in the history of the Atlantic Rainforest and Amazon.

Sandra Benites and Anita Ekman, among with Paradise Row, developed the Ka’a Body project. Cosmovision of the rainforest, which proposes to support and promote indigenous artists, especially the collective of indigenous women.

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