Radicants is an international curatorial cooperative, created in 2022 by Nicolas Bourriaud.

Global in vision and scope, Radicants is designed as an organic and nomadic cooperative model, in phase with the evolution of the art world. The platform conceives innovative exhibitions, imagined by independent curators at the international level. Radicants specializes in exhibition production, cultural engineering, publications, and the sale of exhibitions and artworks.

Radicants collaborates with the different actors in the art sector: galleries, public and private institutions, collections, among others. Its mission is to offer cutting-edge exhibitions and to showcase emerging artists as well as those who have been overlooked in the history of art.

Radicants is also a publishing house.

The core team of Radicants is composed of Nicolas Bourriaud, Kuralai Abdukhalikova, Barbara LagiƩ and Cyrille Troubetzkoy.

Radicants team