Andrea Petrini

ph. Prateek Pradu

Andrea Petrini (born on November 30th, 1958) is a journalist, writer, food oblique strategist, curator, organizer, and established cultural catalyst has been writing for more than 35 years for some of the most relevant publications in Europe and around the world: the Healthy Times and Libération, and GaultMillau, Sol & Newsweek, GQ and Lucky Peach, Le Figaro and Le Fooding, The Good Life and Dim Dam Dom, just to name a few.
He is the founder and the Road Manager of GELINAZ!, the think tank of avant-garde chefs, the co-founder of Le Fooding, Omnivore and the creative director of the late Cook it Raw (R.I.P.).
He is also co-curator with Nicolas Bourriaud of CookBook exhibitions (Paris, Montpellier, Beijing, Shanghai) and the artistic director of the annual Ljubljana European Food Summit. Over the years, he has released quite an array of books: Signature Dishes, Cook it Raw (Phaidon), Luca Fantin, Rodolfo Guzman (Phaidon), Ana Ros (Phaidon), Nordic by Nature (Taschen), Marco Pierre White (Giunti). Presently working on Ricardo Camanini’s first book (Entorse Editions), he has been proudly appointed Literary Editor of “The World 52 Best Most Shaggable Restaurants” to be published in the fall 2023.
Watch Petrini on Netflix (Chef’s Table, The Last Supper) and Discovery Chanel (The Food Valley).
When asked what’s the secret of such an eclectic body of work, he always likes to snap back quoting one his most beloved mentors, John Cage: “I have nothing to say, but I’m saying it’.