Maison Pinton

Curated by Emmanuelle Luciani
Aubusson - France

Radicants was commissioned to work with Maison Pinton within a long-term collaboration.

By realizing an inventory of the archives of Maison Pinton, Radicants will conceive an exhibition weaving the links between tapestry and modern and contemporary art.


From generation to generation, the Pinton family have been working in trades related to Aubusson tapestry and rug-making. Its deep roots in the family’s history give the firm outstanding expertise. The teams operating in the workshops and the offices also share the same family spirit. Gathered under one roof since 1973, they rely on dialogue and close collaboration and above all, they all have in common the same drive to share their passion for their trade, for the art of doing well, with passing enthusiasts as well students and apprentices.

Promoting the Pinton heritage also means maintaining an archive. With such a rich history, and even though the oldest documents have been lost, Pinton owns an extensive archive, beginning with a collection of proprietary patterns designed in-house in the XXth century and reviving different traditional styles from the times of Louis XVI or Napoleon Bonaparte. Works of art in themselves, some are detailed with charcoal and only part colored, others are painted in watercolors. In addition, Pinton owns an archive of over 4,000 original cartoons of antique rugs, a collection of photographs including some of the old manufactory and the various pieces created by major artists for the firm, and also order books dating back to 1947, etc. This archive is incredibly valuable for the memories and testimonies that it contains, for the references that tell the story of the past, but also to experience present times and think about the future.

Exhibition Views