Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger

Bracha L. Ettinger’s (born in 1948) works are at the forefront of contemporary painting. Yet, like many of her female contemporaries, the radical capacities of her practice are only beginning to find recognition.
Ettinger formulated the matrix(ial) understanding of origin as a therapeutic modality and philosophy. Her way of working aligns with how she approaches the human subject and psyche.
For her first solo show in Paris in over 22 years, RADICANTS publish a collection of essential texts on her work, including 2 essays by Jean-François Lyotard, a text by Noam Segal (curator of the show) and Amelia Jones, as well as a collaborative writing project by Precious Okoyomon and Bracha L. Ettinger herself.

Bilingual edition (English – French)
ISBN 9782493734044
Price 10€