Rumos (Paths), 2021

by Aislan Pankararu

Acrylic on canvas, 89 x 151.5 cm

Courtesy of the artist

Aislan Santos is a visual artist from the Pankararu people of Petrolândia, in Pernambuco state. He currently lives and works in Brasília, where he is a medical student at the University of Brasília. His work with arts was born from his longing for his origins, with the need to pay homage to, and connect with, his ancestry. Art continues to be a great comfort – artistically and therapeutically – to continue the everyday struggle with the need for belonging to the spaces we occupy. Santos realised his first exhibition, ‘’Abá Pukuá’’ (Man Sky) at University Hospital of Brasília (HUB) in 2020, in partnership with the commission of humanisation at the institution. He was able to bring expression and healing to the space through art. In his paintings, many of them on Kraft paper, white and red dominate; colours that represent the paints used by his people.