PLANET B. Climate change and the new sublime (English edition)

Nicolas Bourriaud invites artists from all around the world to question the contemporaneity of the romantic concept of the sublime, at the age of the anthropocene.By changing our collective relationship with the planet, global warming has transformed the artist’s gaze.
Today, the Romantic concept of the “sublime”, grounded in the connection between humans and nature, takes a new turn: defined as a feeling of “delight tinged with horror” and by the contrast between the individual and immensity, the sublime becomes the aesthetic notion that determines the Anthropocene.
In “Planet B. Climate Change and the New Sublime”, Nicolas Bourriaud brings together artists from around the world in an exhibition in three acts:
1. Every exhibition is a forest.
2. Charles Darwin and the coral reefs.
3. The tragic death of Nauru Island.

ISBN 978-2-493734-01-3
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