Western scroll with some handpainted burnt maps and old stamps in lead nr. II, 2017-2022

by Anna Bella Geiger

Burnt paper pergament, tracing paper, lead, xerox, China ink, blue cobalt pigment (courtesy of the assistant of Yves Klein), color pencil and collage, 43 x 75 x 8 cm

Courtesy of the artist

Ph. Rubber Seabra.

Concerned about the cultural and political issues of Brazil, her home country, Anna Bella Geiger has produced a vast number of artworks around the topic of maps, from the 1970s to today. In such works, she approaches cartography as an ideological and pedagogical tool that helped to advance the cultural hegemony of the West. This “geo-poetic” project allows her to explore the ambivalent relationships between the local and global, center and periphery, nature and culture, objective and subjective.